It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. There will always be some level of market saturation unless you have entirely invented the space. 

How you build authority in an online space will force you to dig deep. And it’s going to bring all your digital marketing tactics together and make them effective. 

Why Do We Care About Market Saturation and Authority? 

What is it about this word authority? What does it mean? What does it do for us? 

We all want authority in the space that we’re in. So if you’re a health coach, and you help people lose weight and get into the best shape of their life, you want to be known for that.

Our authority and presence in the market should translate into dollar signs. What gets people to pull out their credit cards isn’t just dealing with an expert or having trust. These things are a part of it, but they’re not the whole story.   

Yes, we’re going to be good at what we do. And that’s important, but being good at what we do is not enough.

We want to create authority in the marketplace so that our solution stands out from our competitors. We want to build power so that people engage with our brand, keep coming back, get to know us, and ultimately buy from us. 

That ties back to how strong of a leader you are. To inspire people, you have to rally people for them to do something. 

Building Authority Isn’t Easy

I see a lot of different things that some entrepreneurs do to try and create this authority. 

It’s not about the fancy photoshoots, webcams, or buying flashy clothes. It’s not about being on brand all the time. It’s not how many followers you have or how many posts you put up.

It comes down to having a presence to create these 4 pillars of authority. 

  1. Trust
  2. Presence In Action 
  3. Inspiration 
  4. Forward Momentum

Building actual authority and leadership in the market does not happen overnight. You can speed it up, but it doesn’t happen overnight. 

It’s hard work, and that’s why this isn’t for everyone. But those of us who show up and don’t let the hard work deter us get there. 

You have to deserve the authority as you’re gaining it. And then, once you gain authority, you have to maintain it. 

There’s no straight line. It isn’t a one-and-done kind of thing because the world is changing, and we have to evolve constantly.

How To Build Authority

There are four pillars to building authority in our front-facing content that we’ll go into more detail on here. 

1. Real Tangible Value. 

If you want people to consume your content and pay attention to us, we have to move the needle for them. That means giving them real value. 

The problem is that a ton of fluffy content doesn’t get you anywhere. So to make the most of what you’re producing, you need to understand your buyer’s journey. 

Some people are ready to buy today, and some will take a while to make that decision. 

But if you’re giving out tangible value, then whenever they are ready to buy, they’re going to purchase from you because you did something for them.

So when you’re thinking about your front-facing content, cut out the fluff, give them what they’re searching for, and create that forward momentum. That will lead to you building authority in your market. 

2. Consistency

When you’re giving out real tangible value, your consistency and frequency will work hand in hand. Without these two things, you’re never going to build authority. 

That’s because consistency is an integral piece of what creates trust in people. And without frequency in the same areas, consistency won’t matter. Why? Because people are impatient. 

People have problems that need solving today. And if you don’t offer a solution, they will go to someone else.

3. Hone In On Your Message

When you provide consistent, frequent, and valuable content, you need to make sure that the value you’re giving is honing in on the problem you solve. 

People need to hear the same consistent message to believe in what you can do. Although, that doesn’t mean using the same phrasing over and over. Everything you say should align with the message you’re trying to send. 

You want to be known for the problem that you solve and the way that you solve it. You want to be known for what differentiates you and the market. So, therefore, you have to say it over and over again until you’re so sick of it that you think the market must be too. 

4. Be Okay With Failure

Stop trying to be perfect. What we call authority in the market is really about being a leader.

And leadership is about running in front of your audience. It’s paving a path so that your audience doesn’t have to figure it out themselves. 

It’s about working out the kinks, so they don’t have to. And that means that you’re going to have to fail and try things that don’t work, but this will make you an incredible leader. 

So you don’t have to put yourself in this box. Instead, take radical self-responsibility for all decisions, embrace that fact, and tell your audience you’re running ahead of them. 

I tell the funnel bosses all the time, “let me do the testing. Let me invest my money. Let me make it easier for you and figure out what things are working.” 

Because a good leader carries their own success, and by doing so  

5.Go All In

There are no shortcuts to building authority, but if you’re looking for a fastrack, this is the closest you’ll get. So how can you do it? Well, the fastest way to become an authority in your space is being all-in.  

If you look at the people in your space, you’ll see that most of them aren’t all in. They are interested. They are dabbling. But when you fully commit to something, it’s like you’re making the decision. 

And then, suddenly, you leave yourself no way out. There are no more excuses or ways to let yourself off the hook when you reach this place. And that’s when change happens. That’s when leaders are born. 

So if every morning, you can get up and recommit to your business and what you’re doing, no matter how messy it is, you are going to be a leader in your space. It can make your life so much easier. 

Because when all of your decisions align with that level of commitment, you will stand out. 

You will start to build trust in your audience, and they’ll begin to share your exact vision. And then your audience will become addicted to it. Because forward momentum feels good, progress feels good. 

That’s what people want: the opportunity to change their situation.

So go all in. Because then you will be sharing things consistently and frequently. Then you will figure out what message attracts your audience, make offers and grow.