I’m sitting here writing this blog post as my family frantically is packing for our first family vacation in 3 years … basically the first vacation since my business “took off” back in Jan of 2020.

And what I mean here is really taking time off.

Not the kind of vacation where you remain tied to your phone, jump on zoom or check emails all day (you know what I’m talking about … the struggle is real!) 

By the time you read this email, my vacation will be winding down and I’ll be able to report back soon.

I wrote this email because I found irony in the whole situation. 

Before 2020, I wasn’t making enough money to justify a vacation.

After 2020, I was making a lot of money … but didn’t have enough time (and/or trust) to take a vacation.

I didn’t believe my business could survive without me.

I know I’m not alone!

Now I do believe my business can survive without me.

And here I am … still stressing about leaving (just being honest).

But I’m doing it. And I’m completely shutting off Slack.

Part of this will be self-discipline because I really do enjoy what I do. The other part is a pure necessity because we’ll be neck-deep in baseball (it’s Jax’s world series) and I’ve heard the internet isn’t great.

It’s especially challenging to take time off when you run your business from an internet that travels with you …

I know that deep down, it’ll help my business grow for me to be gone. Like … really gone.

☑️  My team is more than capable. This will give them a chance to really shine. (In fact, my success team will be onboarding new clients, teaching new content AND running all my strategy calls for me … including my mastermind call full of high-end business owners. All without me)

☑️  Our processes are strong. We’ve worked hard to systematize every department. (in fact, we are onboarding 2 new team members and getting them up and running … without me even having to be there to train them)

☑️  My funnels work without me. Ads are running, social content is scheduled, FB group is covered. (in fact, new ads will be launched and scaled without me having to make all the decisions)

I am not needed 24/7 for my business to survive or thrive.

One of my goals is to become more and more irrelevant in my business every day. 

Kinda strange, right?

But what the heck do we start these businesses for if we can’t enjoy the fruits of our labor?

And if you have been reading my Friday emails, you have a small glimpse of what my “labor” has looked like over the past couple of years.🤣

I’m a bit overdue for a vacation.

I love my business, my clients, my team, and my free community … 

But for the next 9 days, I’m gonna love the distance. 

And I challenge you to do the same. Really unplug, recharge, and give yourself the space to get creative and have fun. 

Who knows … you may just have your next million-dollar idea when your mind and body can take a break!

To pulling the plug (well for 9 days anyway),


P.S. If you’re ready to build a business that runs without you there 24/7, let’s see what that could look like for you. We’ll help you identify the gaps and create a roadmap to get you to the other side. Book a complimentary strategy session with Team ETS!