Lead Generation Quizzes – 4 Ways to Use a Quiz Funnel to Increase Lead Conversion

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Are you looking for an automated funnel that just works? In this post, I’m going to walk you through the quiz funnel that has transformed the lead generation in my business and allowed me to automate 70% of my sales. 

I am also going to walk you through 4 different use cases for a quiz funnel to increase lead conversion. Lead generation is so important to every business, and it also can sometimes feel like the most challenging. With paid lead generation becoming more expensive and organic lead generation becoming more and more saturated, it’s more important than ever to stand out.

Enter a quiz funnel. 

Lead generation quizzes are so fun, so effective and they allow you to do some cool things like

  • Create lead engagement
  • Build up anticipation for the quiz result
  • Qualify, segment, and tag your leads based on how they answer
  • Deliver a highly customized follow up (that is all automated)

It’s kinda like a 1:1 conversation that can scale! How cool is it to automate front-end customer service?

And my clients who have begun using quiz funnels for lead generation have been getting these types of results:

  1. Cost per lead dropping by up to 65%
  2. Lead engagement increasing by up to 83%
  3. Email open rates, click through rates and responses more than doubling

When you’re ready to build your own quiz funnel, check out my free 3 day quiz funnel challenge where I’ll walk you through how to create a quiz funnel A to Z.

I’ll show you how to choose your quiz topic, categorize your quiz results, create strategic quiz questions AND how to convert those leads to buyers on the backend.

How Lead Generation Quizzes Work

A quiz funnel is fairly straightforward [as far as funnels go]. 

Here’s the basic flow.

You’ll have a simple page with a strong hook and tagline [which lets your leads know the benefit of taking the quiz and what they’ll get out of it].

Underneath the title and tagline, will be the quiz questions that your leads will go through one by one. 

I recommend having 5-10 questions with each question building on the last. 

After answering the quiz questions, your leads will have to enter their information (name, email etc) in order to get their results. This is why quizzes convert so well … because after answering the questions, your leads are quite invested in knowing the results!

Behind the scenes, you’ll need an automation that calculates the quiz results and categorizes/tags your leads [don’t worry, I have one built out that you can see]. 

After they enter their information, we deliver their quiz results in a follow up email sequence that explains the results, gives some context and encourages them to take the next step.

Speaking of next steps …

Let’s dive into a few different ways you can use lead generation quizzes. Because while it’s awesome to build a list, it’s even more awesome to turn that list into buyers.

If you want me to walk you through how to design, build and launch your quiz funnel in just 3 days, snag your free pass here.

Use a Quiz Funnel to Fill your Webinars or Challenges

If you run webinars or challenges [either live or evergreen] as a way to turn leads into buyers, then funnel stacking a lead generation quiz in front of it can be very effective.

I love this strategy myself because I can fill my challenges and webinars for a fraction of the ad spend AND I am able to know a lot about the leads that come into my challenges/webinars because they are now segmented and tagged based on their quiz results.

This is really cool because now my sales team can prioritize the lead follow up based on how qualified the lead is. 

In this use case, you’d use your quiz funnel on the front and then recommend that they attend your webinar or challenge after they take the quiz in your quiz follow up sequence. 

Even though all of your quiz takers are going to be funneled to one webinar or challenge in this use-case, you can still make the follow up feel very custom and personalized based on their quiz results. 

Here’s how it works: 

Each quiz category [potential quiz outcome] will get a different value proposition for their webinar or challenge invitation. 

You’ll write a custom invitation for each quiz result category … 

  • Let them know why this is the next best step
  • Let them know what they will get out of the webinar/challenge in relation to their quiz outcome
  • Create a gap between the insight provided by the quiz and what they ultimately need in order to solve the real problem

Why is this so effective?

Because now it feels like the webinar/challenge was created just for them.

They are more likely to register AND they are more likely to actually attend and consume the content.

Use a Quiz Funnel to Keep your Sales Calendar Full

Perhaps you have products or offers that can be sold directly from a sales page. A really effective way to increase your lead conversion is to put a quiz funnel in front of your sales page. 

Your quiz funnel becomes front end customer service.

The leads answer a series of questions, and then based on the outcome, you recommend the product or offer that fits the best.

It’s kinda like walking into a shoe store and being greeted by a sales representative.

They’ll ask you a series of questions around what you’re looking for or struggling with … and then recommend a type or style of shoe.

I just took a skin care quiz last month where I ultimately ended up spending $300 on a skin care bundle that was recommended to me.

Why did I purchase it so quickly?

Because by answering those questions and getting my quiz results, I really felt like that brand knew my skin, understood my struggles and most importantly – could help ME with MY skin.

That’s the power of a quiz funnel. 

And the best part was – I never had to leave my house to get a high quality skin assessment. 

Pretty cool.

In this quiz funnel use case, we get to mimic a 1:1 conversation where we assess and diagnosis a problem and then make a recommendation on a solution based on how we can best serve with our products, offers, and services.

Many of our clients use a quiz to directly sell info products and pre-recorded workshops for anywhere from $27 – $497 directly from a lead generation quiz. 

[bonus – watch this masterclass if you want to get the deets on a full funnel strategy where I’ll show you how to use your lower ticket offers to sell your higher ticket offers]

Use a Quiz Funnel to Qualify your Leads

Let’s say that you sell a transformational service (coaching, consulting, done-for-you etc) that is really only right for a certain type of customer.

You can use your quiz funnel to qualify your leads to determine things like:

  1. Do they have the problem you solve?
  2. Are they serious about solving it?
  3. Do they have the funds to work with you?
  4. Is this lead a good fit for your service?

And based on the quiz results, you can funnel them to things like:

  1. Free content (if they aren’t qualified)
  2. Low ticket product/offer (if they aren’t financially qualified)
  3. Webinar or sales page for a mid-ticket course or group program
  4. Sales consultation for your premium packages

Now, because of your quiz funnel, you can pre-qualify leads and present them with the next step that makes the most sense for them.

Plus – you will be able to ensure that only qualified leads are coming through to your programs and services … which will increase your customer results, retention, referrals and ensure you continue to love what you do and who you work with.

Pretty phenomenal all around.

What’s Next in your Quiz Funnel Journey?

If you weren’t already excited about a quiz funnel, I hope you are now. These funnels are great for lead generation, lead engagement and lead conversion.

Here’s what to do next:

Join my free 3 day challenge where I’ll walk you through step  by step on how to design, build and launch your quiz funnel in less than a week.


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