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In today’s blog, I’m going to cover how I’ve been able to scale (and sustain) my business at 7 figures with just 3 funnels and 2 offers.

Oh … and one magic automation that takes 2 minutes each month to implement.

This is the Engineered to Scale Business Model that we have been using to help our clients scale their businesses sustainably online while also automating up to 70% of their sales.

Impressive claim (I know) … but it’s powerful.

Want to dive deeper into this funnel strategy? Watch my free masterclass to get the deets.

The problem with most funnel strategies

Now, I’m guessing for a lot of you, this is probably not your first time hearing about funnels

or scaling your business, or maybe even automation.

You probably have launched a few funnels – maybe with disappointing results. You may even have a whole slew of softwares pieced together to run your funnels.

So the first thing I wanna mention is that most funnel strategies out there actually don’t have a whole lot of strategy in them.

A funnel without strategy … well … it’s just tech.

And even if your funnel is beautiful, it won’t sell without 3 things.

So what is a funnel anyway?

A funnel is something that I could talk about all day … but essentially it is just a path to attract the right person and lead them to what you are selling.

In order for a funnel to convert, it must have:

  • An irresistible offer packaged and positioned to be exactly what your audience wants
  • A marketing message in front of the offer that attracts the person who sees value in solving their problem … and gives enough context so they see how your solution is a great solution
  • A gap – a reason to buy … and buy now

I like to call it the 1-2-3 SOLD framework for making funnels convert.

In fact, this is what makes a funnel strategic (and the tech just executes the strategy)

The 2 Offers Every Course Creator & Coach Needs

I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, course creators and digital marketers over the past several years. And this is AFTER I struggled big time for 2 years to make money online myself (before finding my groove and scaling past 7 figures within months).

Offer #1 – Your core offer

Your core offer is the one that solves the big problem you know how to solve for your audience. It’s the problem you want to be known for solving. And … it’s the comprehensive solution. That means it is everything your customers/clients need to get from A to B.

It should be profitable, scalable and priced accordingly to the value of the transformation. This could be your signature course, service or coaching program.

Offer #2 – Your “Easier Yes” Low Ticket Offer

The second offer is one that solves a narrow problem from your core framework. Choose a problem that is stand alone and hits the urgent need while also naturally creating a gap to your core offer. This solves just one of the problems that you solve for your customers/clients in your core offer.

It should be completely hands off (I always suggest running it live once and then packaging up for evergreen) and priced low enough that your audience doesn’t have to think too much about purchasing it. Bonus tips if you throw a strategic order bump or one-time-offer on the back end.

I love workshops for these low ticket offers because it gives you the opportunity to pitch your core offer off the back of the workshop.

The Three Funnels to Scale your Business While Automating 70% of your Sales

Funnel Strategy #1

– Lead Generation (I love a quiz funnel – let me tell you why)

Everyone needs a lead generation funnel that runs 24/7. Building your list is so important, and we all need new leads coming in every day. This is how the conveyor belt of our business is fed.

Lead magnets used to be the hot thing on the market – and they still can be when done correctly. The issue is that our audience has a ton of downloads already. They’ve opted into e-books and pdfs and video series a million times. It’s tougher than ever to get people to actually consume the thing you give them for free.

This is why I love a quiz funnel.

They are short, engaging and fun for your leads. And how cool is it that you can automate front end customer service?

What I’ve seen with my own quiz funnel is:

  • A lowered cost per lead (by 63%)
  • An increase of lead engagement (by 80%)
  • And a higher conversion to whatever I recommend off of the back of the quiz (sales up by 50% compared to my other lead magnets)

You can use a quiz funnel to fill your other funnels too … which is why I’ll talk about those next.

[See the quiz funnel use cases I recommend here]
[Register for the 3 day on-demand quiz funnel challenge here]

Funnel Strategy #2

– An educational presentation funnel is still mine and my clients’ big money maker. Things have changed a bit, but I like to think of these as our most comprehensive marketing formula. The one that sets our audience up for the sale and does most of the selling for us.

Coaches and course creators need to showcase their differentiator … otherwise they will blend in with all the noise in the market. We need to be able to give our leads context to how we are different and why they will get results with our unique framework.

This can be a challenge or a webinar. This can be live or evergreen. It can also be both and both. The important thing is that the presentation itself is strategically designed to shift beliefs and perspectives rather than just teach.

We want to get them “sold” on our process before they see our product.

I suggest selling your core offer on the back of your presentation.

Cue the magic – we can use our quiz funnel to engage our leads and then send them to our presentation with a custom value proposition.

Funnel Strategy #3

– Now we are going to create a low ticket funnel that sells our core offer off the back. Here’s how I suggest this goes

1. Pull a strategic topic for a workshop you can and charge a small price for (in comparison to your core offer)

  1. Run it live
  2. Sell your core offer after the workshop
  3. Bundle it up with an order bump and optional OTO

Now you have a product you can sell every day that still sells your core offer on the backend.

Here’s all the cool things you can do with this funnel.

  1. Use it as a downsell after your launches or after your presentation for those who didn’t buy your core offer
  2. Sell it directly off of the back of your quiz
  3. Run periodic promotions

And while you’re making all of those front end, low ticket sales … you’ll also be making sales off the back into your core offer.

The Bonus – End of Month Pressure Launch Automation

There’s this analogy I use often to describe where most business owners leave most of their money. In the clothes dryer of their funnel.

To hear the entire analogy, catch that 60 minute masterclass I mentioned.

But if the idea of a end-of-month revenue spike every month intrigues you … this automation will knock your socks off. It brings all of your funnels together working tirelessly to automate sales for your business.

At the end of each month, new leads (and new leads only) will get an exclusive opportunity to purchase your low ticket offer at a slightly discounted price tag.

On average, 30% of your new leads will take it (assuming it’s a cool offer)

Your low ticket (of course) sells your core offer so a percentage of those new customers will upsell into your core offer.

Automagically – at the end of each month. Without you lifting a finger.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – 3 simple funnels, 2 offers and a bonus automation … this is how I run my 7 figure business mostly without me. This is the strategy I use, the strategy I teach and the strategy powered by my software, the Champagne Room.

To take that deep dive you know you want to, catch my masterclass.


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