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Engineer Your Freedom: Become A Multimillion Dollar CEO

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WELCOME to the ONLY Online Business Education you’ll ever need to SOAR to the top of your industry and become a true leader and CEO of your business.
Engineered to Scale was designed to Systematically set up the infrastructure of your business. We take you from overworked employee of your business and help you step into the CEO role.
For only $7 You Can be on your way to Freedom and a business that is scalable, profitable and gives you the freedom you are craving.
July 19th-21st 2021


If you know you haven’t hit your highest potential
but it feels as though it’s right around the corner.Our Engineered to Scale process will allow you the freedom to train and scale a team that owns the day-to-day workload of your business. You were meant to lead the vision and enjoy the freedom of a well ran, systemized business.This is the ONLY mastermind that you will come across that is taught by a nuclear engineer. Melissa Ricker thinks and creates processes differently.Her ability to organize and scale any business no matter the industry is unique because her way of thinking is unique.


Here’s What You Really Need
(& NO ONE is Teaching You)
to Scale Your Service-Based Business.
A Business Model that is Simple & Repeatable… that is the secret to create the space to become a true CEO and VISIONARY!

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Life changer #1
You need the right go-to-market strategy
that’s simple AND scalable, so you can step into
your role as the visionary leader of your company and
stop wasting your energy on a million disjointed tactics.

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Life Changer #2
You need large injections of cash as you prepare to scale your organization. This requires enrolling tens or hundreds of clients NOW. You’ll never get there closing clients one at a time. That’s why we created the Live Launch Method — to give you the first big push you need, so you can then circle back to advancing yourself through the four stages of business growth.

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Life Changer #3
You need weekly access to expert strategists in every area of branding, marketing, and sales to guide you as you grow — providing tailored, personalized advice and answers to all your questions, so you never stay stuck. With UE, you get a virtual advisory board of experts who are available to you at every step of your growth journey.

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Life Changer #4
You need 360° support and accountability where you can talk to a human when you need guidance, motivation, support, and direction. We’re different from every other program out there because the foundation of our program is world-class accountability to get you to the finish line. This is even more critical as businesses pivot for profit in a rapidly changing market.

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Melissa Ricker
Business and Marketing Coach for Online Coaches & Service Providers

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About your host:

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I have my master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University. My superpower is taking all things complicated and making them simple, scaleable and repeatable.
I help overworked business owners scale their business with leveraged and simplistic (yet extremely powerful) strategies.
I built a seven figure business in under a year, leveraging the same exact tactics I teach. I mastered how to leverage human connection and simplicity to build a loyal tribe of raving fans who want what I have to offer… and now I’ve helped hundreds of business owners do the same.
Are you ready to radically scale your business and find freedom in a process that is simple, scalable and repeatable?

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Disclaimer – This event is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to growing your online coaching, consulting or infoproduct business. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the event, a program will be offered for purchase.


Copyright © 2021  • Melissa Ricker • All Rights Reserved

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